Robert Canfield's Portfolio

"The purpose of art is nothing less than the upliftment of the human spirit."

Graphic Design

Logo Design

Griffins logo
Holy Family Academy, in New Hampshire, commissioned me to create a logo for their new mascot, the Griffin. Featured above is the final draft of the new school crest that I drew and digitized.

Pantheon Fitness-Presentation

This is a custom logo I designed for Fitness Pantheon gym.


I have been striving recently to improve my type setting skills by learning more about different fonts and the history of typography. As an exercise to see how much of this newfound knowledge sunk in I created this poster/info-graphic of font pairings.


The Salsa

by Salsa Santoro

The Salsa Salsa SantoroI enjoy mexican food, but as far as chips and dips are concerned I am quite picky. I was very excited to discover “The Salsa” because it is one product that I cannot get enough of! I was even more excited to be able to redesign their packaging. For this design I wanted something that was modern, yet reminiscent of its western roots without looking like it stepped out of a spaghetti western.


Steubenville Wine Fest

wine Fest ProductsNelson Fine Art & Gifts was asked to set up a booth at the Steubenville Wine fest filled with commemorative gifts and memorabilia. This was a good opportunity for the company to branch out and get some publicity, as well as a great excuse for me to flex my illustrative muscles and create some original designs in Photoshop and Illustrator. Here are some examples:Wine Illustration

Print Design

Thesis Cover

Pictured left is the cover for my self-published graduate thesis, and below is one of the featured pages. For more on this project see my post, Sustainability in Athletics.

Thesis Layout
Yearbook Pages

Above are pages I designed as Layout Editor of the 2009-2010 Franciscan University Yearbook.

Lumen Vincens

These are pages from my tenure as layout editor of the university magazine, The Lumen Vincens. In addition to my position as layout editor I also illustrated many of the poems.

T-Shirt Designs

Ohio Valley Tanker

Here is a vector graphic I drew in Adobe Illustrator for the company Steel Valley Tankers.


(Left) For the last few years I have been commissioned to design the t-shirts for the Kelly Roggensack Memorial 5k Race for my alma mater school, Franciscan University.

Raw Photos taken of Nelson Woodcraft Products

(Below) This t-shirt was worn for the annual Riverview Soccer Tournament. The graphic displays my hand-drawn image, which I digitalized.


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