Robert Canfield's Portfolio

"The purpose of art is nothing less than the upliftment of the human spirit."

Sustainability in Athletics

Through Barefoot & Minimalist Running

 Thesis CoverThis project captures two of my passions: running and design. The assignment was to pick a topic of interest and undertake extensive research which would ultimately inform a paper. There were a range of options in terms of including both marketing and design elements. I chose to concentrate on barefoot running, and wrote a paper which I later self-published into a book. From there I was able to incorporate a number of custom graphics into my marketing plan, including social media banners, fliers, and promotional pins. I used these materials to draw people to my barefoot running clinic, which I fully planned and keynoted.

Hartford Marathon

This project is an example of:
• layout design
• custom graphics
• typography
• research
• event planning, coordination, and marketing
Thesis Layout
promotional buttonsfacebook-ccsu-noshoes

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