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"The purpose of art is nothing less than the upliftment of the human spirit."

Designer Bio

HeadshotCurrent Location: Hartford, Connecticut

Graduate: Master of Arts in Informational Design (Dec. 2013)
-GPA: 4.0
-Study abroad in China; Spring semester 2013

Undergraduate: Bachelor of Arts in Communication Arts-Multimedia (May 2010)
Minor: Business-Marketing and Math
-Deans List, Cumulative GPA 3.5776 Cum Laude
-Study abroad in Gaming, Austria; Fall semester 2008

I am experienced and comfortable working on both Mac and Windows computers. I am proficient in Photoshop, Flash, Illustrator, Corel, InDesign and Final Cut, and have experience with After Effects, HTML and CSS code, as well as content manager software such as Word Press, Joomla, and PeaShooter.


Sustainability in Athletics

Through Barefoot & Minimalist Running

 Thesis CoverThis project captures two of my passions: running and design. The assignment was to pick a topic of interest and undertake extensive research which would ultimately inform a paper. There were a range of options in terms of including both marketing and design elements. I chose to concentrate on barefoot running, and wrote a paper which I later self-published into a book. From there I was able to incorporate a number of custom graphics into my marketing plan, including social media banners, fliers, and promotional pins. I used these materials to draw people to my barefoot running clinic, which I fully planned and keynoted.

Hartford Marathon

This project is an example of:
• layout design
• custom graphics
• typography
• research
• event planning, coordination, and marketing
Thesis Layout
promotional buttonsfacebook-ccsu-noshoes

Made in Ohio

In an effort to expand our horizons at Nelson Fine Art and Gifts, we developed a product line for the State House’s gift shop in Columbus, Ohio. Since a lot of my formative years were spent in Ohio, I was glad to create some solid designs for my home state. The full product line can be seen hereMade in Ohio graphic

NBMAA Internship

Rack CardAs an intern at the New Britain Museum of American Art, I worked on a variety of projects ranging from print layout to website content management and web application development.

I updated the content on the museum’s website and formatted their e-mail newsletter. Utilizing InDesign, I created menu signage for the cafe, rack card brochures, updated the volunteer application form, and designed a postcard.

My major project was creating a faux 3-D interactive map of the museum’s sculpture garden. I gathered reference shots of the building from every angle as well as establishing shots of the sculptures in relation to the building. Combining these photos with screenshots from Google Maps, I employed Illustrator to draw a 3-D model of the museum from both the front and back. Finally, I used CSS and JQuery to plot the sculptures and animate the information boxes and navigation.

The museum is using cards with QR codes so customers can access the map via ipods available at the front desk or personal smart phones.


The Dark Knight Rises

These images were created for T-shirt design contest sponsored by “Design by Humans”. Both are original sketches that I digitally inked. The artwork to the left is a pinup collage of all the major players in the movie (now in theaters!), while the design below depicts the fight scene from the first appearance of Bane (the antagonist) in “Batman: Knightfall”. I wanted to utilize Christopher Nolan’s modern mythos while staying true to the classic comic book cannon.

Advocates for Faith and Freedom

I redesigned “Advocates for Faith and Freedom’s” homepage for the Sirin Web Group. The purpose of the site is to educate people on issues and cases concerning religious liberty, increase donations, and communicate news. I was driving at a professional design with a serious mission, and yet evoking a positive emotion.
Advocates for Faith and Freedom homepage

“School Project”

My School
My position as head of the Graphic Design Department at Nelson Fine Art and Gifts has given me a unique opportunity to work on a variety of unique projects. The most recent has been an initiative to encourage city pride and school spirit through a new program and product line we are launching.

I played an instrumental role not only in the creation and design of the product line and logo, but also in drafting and implementing a marketing plan, as well as create an online catalog and printed sales brochure.

More information can be found on the program at
School Gear BrochureDEC-ESA

Home Brewed Designs

Bottle Labels

I have helped design and brew several homemade beer. These labels help brand and legitimize these unique products.

Nelson Fine Art & Gifts

I am currently the head of the graphic design department at Nelson Fine Art and Gifts, where I have an integral role in the creative process involved in the formation and development of new products and designs, as well as the marketing and production of existing products. I am also responsible for our website and social networks. Each of these positions have presented their own challenges, and I have been stretched in my visual problem solving abilities. I view every new problem as an opportunity to stretch myself even more and better my design skills.

Nelson Gifts Website

Rebranded Website:

Fall_Hoodie_SaleCustomized Email Advertisement

Business Card/Advertisement

Catalog Pages, to view the pages in their entirety click here.

Holy Family Academy

I have had the opportunity to work closely on several projects with Holy Family Academy, a private independent high school in Manchester, New hampshire. Featured below is the logo I designed for their sports team, as well as their website that I redesigned.

Logo Design

Griffins logo
Featured above is the final draft of the new school crest that I drew and digitized.

To properly design the posture, characteristics, and coloration of the logo, I had to thoroughly understand the spirit of the school and more specifically the drive of the academic department and what they hoped to portray. The result was a fiercely aggressive image that expressed their zeal for sports as a continuation of the education of the whole person.

The following is a snapshot of the Holy Family Academy website that I helped design and build in Joomla.

Holy Family Academy Website

Holy Family Academy Website

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